Altwaldheim: Town in Turmoil

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Altwaldheim: Town in Turmoil is a casual city-builder with rogue-lite elements like perma-death. The player assumes the role of the mayor of a small town and has to construct new buildings, hire soldiers and defend Altwaldheim against enemies. All of this is mostly text-based, i.e. the player has no direct control of aspects like battles. Instead, they have to wisely use their resources to grow the city, recruit the right soldiers and thus be able to always fend off enemies. If the city loses a battle, the game is lost.



Every turn, a random chosen event occurs. The player has to find a decision and live with the consequences. The consequences can be random as well: Donating to the poor might enrage the aristocrats.

Afterwards, the player can decide how to use their resources: Construct more buildings, recruit troops or save the resources for later. Buildings are mainly used to unlock new troops or bring in more resources.

Troops might be sent to dungeons and if the attack is successful, the town usually receives more resources. The soldiers are led by the hero “Faustus Raginhard”. Faustus gets experience and levels up, making him stronger and eventually the best unit. While he can fall in battle, he always “respawns”.

The longer the game takes, the stronger enemy waves attack. The players have to find a balance between a strong economy and a strong defense. If the enemies manage to overthrow the defenses, the game is lost and has to be restarted.


My involvement

The game was designed and implemented by myself. This includes:

  • Programming (except some additional programming by a friend)
  • Marketing
  • Game Design
  • Writing (events and story)


Not implemented by me:

  • Graphical assets
  • Music and sound (some sound effects were edited)